Lenzyme Powder

Lenzyme Powder

We will no longer be selling Lenzyme Powder. Lenzyme is a great product and we would love to sell it BUT their lawyers DEMAND we do not put a price on our website, and it's THEIR LAWYERS who want you to work hard to get their products. WHY should you have to work hard? * * For the record, We want our customers to see the price of the product they would like , and not to have to call us for a price. Why should YOU work hard? * * Again, Lenzyme has DEMANDED that we do not to include a price on our website. We feel this is not fair to our customers. Their Lawyers also DEMANDED that we do not even give it away for free as a package deal!. * * We have other products like Lenzyme that work very well with reliability and assurance. There are other products beside Lenzyme. * * * Have you tried BioForce Bacterial Waste Liqueifier?
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