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Eco Septic Leachfield Aid


3 years in the making, 250 leach fields later.......Eco Septic  Leach Field Aid was born.



Eco Septic Leach Field Aid is a low cost Bacteria designed to help restore Leach Fields, Cesspools and Cesspits.

     Eco Septic Leach Field Aid utilizes the POWERFUL waste digesting abilities of special blended bacteria.  This blend of both aerobic and anaerobic bacteria where cultured (grown) for their superior ability to digest and liquefy all organic waste - QUICKLY and EFFICIENTLY.

     Works to eliminate leach field odors.




     Leach field, D-Box, and Septic Tank must be pumped out dry.  

Open D-box and add:

1 case of 4 gallons of Eco Septic Leach Field Aid directly into each leach field line leaving the D-box.




     The longer Eco Septic Leach Field Aid is in the Leach Field lines or Cesspool, the better the result.


1 case of Eco Septic Leach Field Aid will treat a 4 bedroom size Leach Field or a 2000 gallon Cesspool or Cesspit.






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    At this price, I ordered a few cases and use it every 6 months to keep my septic field clean.

    We put a gallon down each leachfield line and let it work. We watched our leachfield first stop ponding above it then the whole area just dry up !

    We have this set up to Auto Dose into our leach field.

    We paid a heck of alot more at a local farm store for this !

    Our septic leachfield was not working at all. i did not like to have company or family over because my leach field would back up. My next door neighbor told us about this product and got 1 case at first, followed the directions to a tee, then got 2 more cases after I saw how well it worked. Our leachfield not dried up and can have family and friends over without any backups from out leachfield. Thank you for a great product !

    If I did not use it myself I would have thought somebody pumped my D-Box and Tank DRY! Followed the directions to a TEE ! Now I know WHY my Septic Pumper does not sell this!
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